Sunday, September 20, 2015

As time goes by...

It has been a while since I last posted anything on here, yet a lot has happened.  As time has gone I have wanted to update this page, but didn´t quite know where to start.  Here are some of the key points in text, and the rest in pictures:
  • Tove and I got married on the 9th of July 2014
  • I started competing in the UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup
  • Tove got a job as a 1st grade teacher
  • We went to Utah to see me father get remarried.  He married my Bestman`s mother, and it was AWESOME!
  • I quit my job at the climbing gym, looking to get rid of unnecessary negativity in my life
  • I volunteered during the IFSC Sport Climbing World Cup in Stavanger, and helped with the Deep Water Soloing competition put on by Bratte Rogalands Venner
  • We got an adorable Bernese Mountain Dog puppy named Gadi (who has possibly the world´s sharpest teeth!)
  • I have climbed/trained a lot! I am planning on competing in 4 of the 6 World Cup competitions this year.  They are:
    • Bozeman, USA 10-12 December 2015
    • Saas-Fee, Switzerland 22-23 January 2016
    • Rabenstein, Italy 29-31 January 2016
    • Busteni, Romania 12-14 February 2016
Outside as usual

 Trip to London with the In-Laws

 Team USA

 Climbing in Notodden

 Working out in Telemark

 Descending from Midtre Ringstind, Norway

 Hurrungane, Norway

 Climbing in Hurrungane, Norway (Photo: Øyvind Salvesen)

Fåbergstølsbreen, Norway

A room with a view.  Flatbrehytta, Norway

 My two favorite ladies.

 Others like to climb too! Zion NP

Checking out some sand dunes with the wife

 Bath time in Yosemite NP

 Markus and I are ready for some big wall shenanigans. Gloppedal, Norway

 Crawling into my portaledge. Gloppedal, Norway (Photo: Markus Hofmann)

 Markus flying high above Dirdal, Norway

At the base of Dirdalsveggen, Norway

 Hanging out with some friends. Gilja, Norway (Photo: Falke Omdal)

Working the crux of I-80. Gilja, Norway (Photo: Falke Omdal)

 Saas-Fee, Switzerland

 Starting out on the Men´s Qualification route in Saas-Fee, Switzerland

 View of the Matterhorn from Zermatt, Switzerland

 Ready to go in Rabenstein, Italy

 Making the clip... and about to drop my tool. Rabenstein, Italy

 Watching some strong climbers in Rabenstein, Italy

Sverd i Fjell in winter. Stavanger, Norway

 Training at the gym (Photo: Rafal Ziolkowski)

 Hanging out with Bob

 Outside again!

 Still outside, still climbing (kinda)

 On the sharp end.

 Trad is rad

 Trad is still rad, but thin is in!

 Topping out in time to catch the sunset. Skrussfjell, Norway

 Check out my van, man! (Hint: over my shoulder) Jøssingfjord, Norway

 Snack/smartphone break. Jøssingfjord, Norway

 Me and the missus looking good.  Utah

 More training in the gym

 I have several pairs of yellow pants. Sirdal, Norway

 Seriously, red and yellow is in! Skjernøya, Norway

 Judging the DWS competition in Stavanger, Norway

 Out for a hike with the wife. Sirdal, Norway

 Hey look! A non-climbing butt shot! Sirdal, Norway

 Gadi aka The Cutest Puppy in the World hanging out in the sun

 I got Gadi to spot me while I did some training on the home wall.

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