Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Avalanche Exercise with Telemark University College and EMS

19. February, 2014
Lifjell, Bø i Telemark, Norway

EXERCISE EXERCISE EXERCISE There has been a large avalanche on Lifjell with several parties involved!

This is how our day started.  An avalanche exercise with students from Telemark University College, Red Cross, the local police, and Norwegian Civil Defense troops is an annual occurrence in Telemark.  The different groups get to practice their skills and see how it is to work together to prepare for real accidents.

In addition to regular beacons and probes, we had the use of specially trained avalanche rescue dogs, and RECCO.  There was also supposed to be a helicopter, but they received a call to a real mission just minutes before their arrival.  We had tons of volunteers to help out.  Some of the first year and international students sat up on the hillside as avalanche victims to be found.  There were also CPR dummies that "required assistance" after being found.

It was a long hard day of trudging through deep snow, digging, and carrying heavy objects up and down the mountain, but it was also very enlightening.  All of the participants worked brilliantly together making the exercise a success.

Have fun and stay safe in the mountains!

Chaotic start

People start to arrive

Norwegian Civil Defense troops arrive and start setting up 

The Red Cross setting up their station

Seems more organized from above

There is a system to their madness

Packing up after a job well done

Debreifing after the exercise

Telemark University College, Police, Red Cross, and Norwegian Civil Defense

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